This just in from my mentor..

Two days ago, I was at home just casually going thru my emails when I happened to open one from one of my 7 figure online marketing mentors.
Let’s just call her Diane,  (because that’s actually her real name) 
She shared a perspective that I found to be really interesting and thought you may also benefit… 
In short, What she shared was as follows:
“An email a day, keeps the bills away!”
You see,
What she has done over the past 16 years or so, (I think I got that right..)
…is build a list of responsive email subscribers, like me, who actually want to hear from her.
What I’m talking about here, is a bunch of folks that have ended up knowing, liking and trusting her, enough to eventually buy what she offers….
All by providing certain links to stuff in her Emails…
Before you jump down my throat and say that i’m incorrect, of course there has been times when she has had to speak to people one on one over skype, facetime and the like.
We do all live in the real world after all.
But mainly, the emails do all the work for her. 24/7
Especially seeing she has the ability to send out emails to many thousands of people like me at the touch of a button by leveraging the same technology I’m offering you today.
The really cool part is that you can crack it all open and play with it for a whole month for nothing.
Zero… Nada.. No cost…
You get the point. 🙂
Then, once you love it, you can also re-sell it over and over to possibly create your own online lifestyle business.
See disclosure below
Disclosure: I am a professional Affiliate Marketer that receives compensation from the companies whose products I sell, therefore, parts of this email may be an advertisement. I have complete faith in the quality of the products and endorse them fully. I am an independent affiliate and the opinions expressed here are my own. Your results will vary from mine, and you may or may not make any money at all based on what I include in the email above. It is the law that I tell you so. 🙂

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