Why talking less actually works like gangbusters…

It was early this very morning…

I was having breakfast with my gorgeous family and I got to thinking.

How can I really get on top of my online biz?

How many more strategies can I learn and apply in order to propel my level of sales upward?

And then it hit me.

Like a proverbial tonne of bricks.

I suddenly remembered an audio training that I consumed about 4 months ago.

They were talking about how top 6 & 7 figure networkers never allow their  uninitiated teams to blindly babble on about the company, opportunity or products on offer.

They simply provide their team with a very well crafted sales letter & instruct them to hand out copies to qualified prospects.

Now, understand!

Right here is the most critical point of the process.

After you have given the letter to your contact


Say no more at this point.

Simply thank the person for their interest and get out of there as quickly as humanly possible.


Because the number one mistake that network marketers make is simply talking too much.

By doing so, they turn the prospect off whatever they were learning about.

Not cool obviously.

Believe me friend.

When you fully realise the potential of learning the skill of writing effective sales copy.

Also know as Copywriting.

You can virtually create a 7 figure business whenever you so desire.

It’s also called: Salesmanship in print.

Now, just like anything worthwhile, of course there is a learning curve to be endured.

But, don’t stress on that a bit.

The Copywriters Guild  is laid out in a very easy to follow manner.

It’s seriously step by step.

Chock full of value & not out of reach of virtually anyone serious about a  home based business.

Ok, I gotta go.

Got some more study to do.

Cheers for reading and Ciao for now.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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